Sumu Mud

SumuMUD is a multiuser online game based on a fantasy medieval genre. The game introduces a world filled with places to adventure and explore. As you are born into the world of Sumu, you meet different kind of adventurers and confront many creatures on your journey.

The world of Sumu has many races to choose to born into and guilds to join to. Examples of the guilds an adventurer can join are Knights who are the defenders of the world and protectors of the people. Magicians and sorcerers - the robed guys with pointy hats that wave their hands and shout strange words and conjure fireballs to fry the deadly orc next to them. The mysterious warlocks who are specialized summoning demons and use of destructive force or the strange graveyard shifts of the necromancers who control the forces of the undeads. You might have an eye for a gold and shiny items, the guild of thieves would cladly take you in and train you in the arts of nimble fingers and sneaking in the shadows or perhaps you enjoy a good music and are a natural born tale teller - then you can find your kind at the guild hall of the merry bards to sit down around the campfire to sing and dance. These are just examples, there are many more guilds to choose from and join to.

As you travel and explore the world of Sumu, it is wise to equip yourself with armors and weapons and pack your backpack with, food, torches to see in that dark cave of the nasty goblins and other general items needed in adventures.

You can buy some general armors and weapons from the shops and sometimes might get lucky and get a magic armor or a weapon from the shopkeeper for a cheap price! As you grow in your adventures you confront creatures and monster which are holding magical items, weapons or armors. As you have gathered your hard earned armors and weapons you can store them in a locker room rental place found in many cities or another adventurer can rent or sell you a room from their huge castles. You can also buy a castle of your very own, but as everyone knows, the castles are pricy and takes a lot of money to hire your own personal guards to keep the intruders away and set traps to protect your treasure chests.

The adventures will take you places where you encounter very tough monsters and if you are lucky you might just be able to get around them unnoticed or escape just before they are about to slay you. As you meet up with other adventurers you might ask them to share your adventure with you and come to help you to slay the horrifying monster you had an encounter with.

The violence towards fellow adventures is allowed in certain limits, however, a cold blooded murder is not a thing that is taken lightly unless the killer had a valid and good reason for his act of violence.

Otherwise the world of Sumu is a complex place where you act as you would act in real life in a similar environment.